About Us

Mission Statement

Supporting research to improve the lives of young people 

Since 1936, the William T. Grant Foundation has remained dedicated to understanding human behavior through research, the original goal of our founder, William Thomas Grant. We are—and always have been—deeply committed to supporting research that is practical and impactful. As a private grantmaking institution, the Foundation funds high-quality empirical research, with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of young people ages 5 to 25 in the United States. In 2013, we awarded more than $10 million in grants to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners invested in the future of U.S. youth.

Our funding is aligned with our two current research interests. One interest is understanding programs, policies, and practices that reduce inequalities in youth development. Our other interest focuses on the conditions surrounding the use of research evidence in policy and practice that affect youth—and how that process use can be improved. In addition to our major research grants, we fund two fellowship programs, the William T. Grant Scholars program and the Distinguished Fellows program.

The Foundation also provides limited support for capacity-building, communication, and advocacy activities. These awards, which are currently focused on improving the connections between research and practice, support and leverage our primary focus on research. Our Youth Service Improvement Grants program supports community-based organizations in New York City as they improve their services for youth.

Current Research Interests

These priorities guide all our grantmaking.